Several reasons why companies around the world choose 3DiVi over other Face Recognition providers
Video processing is our strength
Cut time to market by using our turn-key edge components and enterprise server for real-time video processing.
Edge computing approach
As the computing industry moves from Intelligent Cloud to Intelligent Edge, we are already at the Edge! Take advantage of instantaneos face recognition on any platform (embedded, IoT, desktop or server) with no cloud or Internet connectivity required!
Deployment versatility
Our server component can be placed on any cloud (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) or stay on-prem with no Internet connectivity requirement.
Containerized approach accelerates time to market for your face recognition application.
Our customers repeatedly highlight the speed and quality of our algorithms for real-time video processing. Read case studies to learn more.
Small IoT device or high-load server application, we have seven different algorithms to cover them all.
Access to low-level libraries
Need just one feature of face processing? Take advantage of our Face SDK to build anything from a simple app to something like Azure Face API or AWS Rekognition Portal!
Earn more with 3DiVi
Comparing the transaction fees, prices are at least 20% lower than Azure and AWS. Save up to 90% on video processing - another great benefit is that edge transactions are not accounted for!
Save up to 50% with 3DiVi Partner Program