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Free Face Recognition
for Telegram Passport

and others Digital ID
World's first solution to recognize faces of Digital ID holders.
Advanced 3D face recognition
and skeletal tracking solutions
Product of 3DiVi inc.
Self Sovereign Face Recognition for your business
3DiVi Face Recognition for Telegram Passport gives simple, inexpensive way to add self sovereign face recognition to your company operation. Powered by the new generation blockchain technology.
Free to Use
The demo software is absolutely free. In the full version, the cost of software is included in the cost of the recognition terminal.
Self Sovereign
Control over your customers' personal data remains completely in their hands. Your customers decide who will send it and when to remove it from the databases.
Simple Integration
We offer turn key companents for integrating face recognition into your company operation.
3D liveness
Industry-leading protection against photo or video spoofing. Similar technology is used in iPhone X.
GDPR Copmlience
The service provides owners of personal data with full control over it. The service requests only the data it needs and guarantees complete data confidentiality.
No coins
The project does not require any coins and does not imply an ICO.
Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist in 30 minutes.
Our prices are fixed for some standard services.
Use Cases
Ways 3DiVi Face Recognition for Telegram Passport may help your business grow
Banking & Finance
Online payments and other remote currency transactions, including cryptocurrency exchange, become even faster and safer thanks to face recognition technology.
Notify passengers of boarding time for flight via messenger and build communications. Offer a new level of comfort and safety. Analyze passenger flows and improve the efficiency of your business.
Increase sales by developing loyalty programs and personal services. Increase the efficiency of your business by analyzing the purchase history and preferences of your customers.
Hotels & Tourism
Your guests will be able to quickly check-in and check-out or use additional services without spending precious time of their vacation on unnecessary actions.
Bars & Restaurants
Now your regular customers no longer need to carry hundreds of plastic cards to get a discount or take documents to buy alcohol.
Analyze the effectiveness of offline advertising and improve its quality. Collect and analyze data on emotional response to advertising.
Keep it sovereign
Digital IDs such as Telegram Passport embody the concept of self-sovereign identity, which implies that individuals have full ownership and control over all aspects of their identity.
You have full control over your personal data
Based on the 3rd generation blockchain technology the architecture of Telegram Passport assumes decentralized storage of personal data and the use of the latest end-to-end encryption methods. You can be sure that the personal data of your customers will be reliably protected.
How it works
User registers with Telegram Passport
If a user is not registered, he/she creates a Telegram account and a Telegram Passport.
Telegram Bot initiates a dialogue with the user
Then the Bot makes a request for data transfer of user's Telegram Passport to the database server (3DiVi FRS). Telegram Passport data sends to 3DiVi FRS if the user confirms the data transfer.
3DiVi FRS receives data from Telegram Passport
3DiVi FRS is a server software that serves as a repository of user biometric templates. 3DiVi FRS can be deployed locally or on a cloud-based virtual server.
3D sensors scan the user's face
The 3D sensor receives a user image in real time and in three-dimensional projection, which does not allow the user to use a photo instead of a face for recognition. Any camera can be used instead of 3D sensors but in this case 3D recognition won't be available.
3DiVi face recognition software processes the data
The image or video of the user's face is processed and matched with the biometric templates from the server databases. The whole process takes less than 1 second.
Recognition results are displayed
The user receives a notification from the Telegram Bot about the recognition results; if the recognition is successful, the user will receive a request from the Telegram Bot to confirm the user's personality.
The user confirms the fact of recognition and completes the procedure
The user's identity is recognized and he / she can access the necessary services.
User's data are deleted from the database
At the end of using the service, the user can completely remove his / her Telegram Passport data from the server's database using the appropriate command for the Telegram Bot.
Solution's Roadmap
Company is started
3DiVi Face Recognition Algorithm became t#1 by search speed, according to NIST FVRT
Free Face Recognition for Telegram Passport Demo
Support for Klyathn and LINE
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United States

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