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Improve your customers services with Face Recognition
via Telegram Passport

and others Digital ID's
Develop your loyalty programs and other customers services using advanced face recognition solutions integrated in everyday user experience. Try a free demo and register with your Telegram Passport.
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Advanced 3D face recognition
and skeletal tracking solutions
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A simple solution for
growing your business
3DiVi Digital ID Face Recognition System is an innovative solution that combines powerful face recognition algorithms and the benefits of the latest Digital ID systems, such as Telegram Passport.
Download White Paper
The use of face recognition technology and Digital ID will help your business create additional benefits for its customers by improving the quality of customer service, developing personalized services and loyalty programs. Download the solution's White Paper and watch the video to find out more.
(.pdf, 14 Mb)
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Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Use Cases
Explore the way 3DiVi Digital ID Face Recognition solution will help your business grow
Banking & Financial
Online payments and other remote operations with currency, including cryptocurrency, thanks to face recognition technology can now be made even faster and safer.
Bars & Restaurants
With face recognition to buy alcohol, your customers do not have to carry their documents everywhere, and to get a discount, they can forget about the discount card.
Recognize your customers at the entrance to the trading floor or at the checkout, offer them personalized services and motivation programs, taking into account the history of their purchases.
Hotels & Touristics
Your guests will be able to quickly check-in and check-out or use additional services without spending precious time of their rest on unnecessary actions.
Advertising agencies can count the viewed offline banners, stands and screens, assess the emotional response to advertising and keep detailed statistics.
Visitors to medical facilities will not be forced to queue up while waiting for the necessary services; instead, the queue will move quickly, and the staff will always know how to contact the visitor.
High accuracy face recognition
Algorithms developed by 3DiVi are top ranked in NIST FVRT.
3D liveness
Industry leading protection against photo or video spoofing. Similar technology is used in iPhone X.
Easy scalable system
Solutions based on 3DiVi products can be easily adapted to solve problems of any scale.
Full control over personal data
Control over your personal data remains completely in your hands. You control who will send it and when to remove it from the databases.
Easy setup and easy to use
Our solutions are designed to be as much user-friendly as possible, so you will not need special skills to install and use 3DiVi FRS software.
Currently Supports Telegram
Today, the solution is integrated with Telegram Passport. Others Digital ID's on the roadmap.
Keep it sovereign
Digital ID's like Telegram Passport embody the concept of self-sovereign identity, which sees individuals as having full ownership and control over all aspects of their identity.
You have full control over your personal data
Based on 3rd generation blockchain technology the architecture of Telegram Passport assumes decentralized storage of personal data and the use of the latest end-to-end encryption methods, so that's why the personal data of your customers will be reliably protected.
How it works
User register with Telegram Passport
If user don't have Telegram account, then he create account and Telegram Passport card.
Telegram Bot initiates a dialogue with the user
Then the Bot makes a request for data transfer of user's Telegram Passport to the database server.
3D sensors scans the user's face
Instead of 3D sensors, any camera can be used, but in such case the 3D recognition feature will not be available.
3DiVi face recognition software performs processing
The image or video of the user's face is processed and then matching with the biometric templates available in the server databases. The whole process takes less than 1 second.
Recognition results
The user receives a notification from the Telegram Bot about the recognition results; if the recognition is successful, the user will receive a request from Telegram Bot to confirm that was exactly this user.
Deletion of user's data from the database
If necessary or at the end of the use of the service, the user can completely remove whole his / her Telegram Passport data from the server's database using the appropriate command for Telegram Bot.
Try the free demo now!
Appreciate all the benefits of our solution.
It is simple and completely free.
Demo tutorial
Download free demo
Download a free demo by clicking on one
of the buttons on this site or via this link.
(.exe, 148 Mb)
Install the software
Unpack and install downloaded 3DiVi Face Recognition demo software on your
desktop PC.
Configure software and Telegram Bot
Perform minimum software settings and configure Telegram Bot.
Download detailed instructions
(.pdf, 8 Mb)
Connect the camera
Any webcam connected to your PC with installed software will be suitable for tests.
Download detailed instructions
(.pdf, 8 Mb)
Log In with your
Telegram Passport
Log on through the Telegram Telegram Passport or create an account and fill out
the form Telegram Passport, if you have
not done it yet.
Just test it
Run 3DiVi FRS software and it will recognize your face by matching it with your Telegram Passport photo. The notice of the held event of face recognition will be sent to you by a Telegram Bot.
Our contacts
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Loft Pineapple, 22 Pink Street, New York

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