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Turn-key components with integration API for real time face recognition in video and images. Consisting of the Face Machine Server (available as on-prem or as a cloud) and Face Machine Client application for real-time face recognition video processing on the edge devices.

Key Features

Plug-and-play components for quick deployment
Ready-made client and server application for quick deployment of a face recognition system.
Offline/edge face recognition
No cloud is required, 50 000 000 comparisons per second on one CPU core.
Cross platform
Support for x86, ARM, ASIC (embedded), Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.
Container based architecture
Cloud/Edge/on-prem deployment.
Integration API support
ReST API and GraphQL API support for easy integration with external systems/applications.
White label
The ability to replicate a solution based on 3DiVi Face Machine under your own brand.


3DiVi Face Machine includes the Face Machine Server (FMS) and Face Machine Client (FM Client or FMC) application. FMS is available as a cloud or as an on-premise solution. The FM Client can be installed on PC or mobile devices. The FMS and FMC can be integrated with external systems via integration API and can be used by software vendors and integrators for building advanced face recognition solutions.

Face Machine Server

The Face Machine Server (FMS) is the turn-key server component for face recognition, gender-age and emotions analytics. It can be used for creating complex solutions working with multiple channels (video or photo), and is capable of real-time processing of face recognition events and collecting various statistical and analytical data.

Perfect for implementing access control, time & attendance, people traffic counting and other video analytics scenarios in the private cloud or on-prem. In such systems, the FMS serves as a kernel, managing a network of client applications and/or peripheral (edge) devices, providing such features like central management of watch-lists, event logging, etc.

Face Machine Client Application

The Face Machine Client (FM Client or FMC) is the client application for real time video processing on the edge. The FMC works as a companion application to FMS. The FMC provides real-time face detection, tracking, verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) against watch-lists pushed from FMS (either cloud or on-prem).

The Face Machine Client is cloud independent and can work on the edge. As a result, the FMC has no limit on local transactions, which are free resulting in great savings on cloud transaction fees.



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Application Areas

Public Safety
Instant video processing for video surveillance systems, identification of citizens, checking with control lists of different priority, search in databases, integration with fingerprint records for on-the-spot checks "on site", and automated processing of personal documents. Mobile, portable, and wearable hardware and software systems.
Banking and Finance
Verification of the reliability of borrowers, identification of credit and other fraudsters, confirmation of critical operations, remote identification services (including blockchain based services), person-to-person access to applications, systems, repositories, etc., proctoring services, optimization of banking procedures and operations.
Defence and Robotics
Machine vision, pattern and object recognition for complex scenarios. Mobile hardware and software systems with high autonomy, identification systems with loadable missions, embedded in wearable equipment and weapons.
Access Control
Enhance business, home or car security by matching visitors with the whitelist and blacklist database.
Time and Attendance Systems
Recording employee time using authorization and authentication systems with the built-in facial recognition technology.
Retail and Digital Signage
Automatic recognition of customers in the shopping area, the implementation of contactless payment systems and loyalty programs, audience analytics (gender, age, emotions), Digital Signage.



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