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For development of face recognition solution of any scale - from a simple app to a portal like Azure Face API or AWS Rekognition.
Set of libraries for video and photo processing

Key Features

Real Time Video Processing
SDK components enable face detection, tracking and matching from video stream in real time.
Face Identification and Verification
Search for face matches, 1:N identification and 1:1 verification scenarios.
Automatic Best Shot Selection and Quality Control
Best shot is constantly selected during face tracking, based on face image quality parameters.
Face Landmarks
Detect size, pitch, roll, yaw, and up to 100 facial landmarks.
Gender, Age, Emotions Recognition
Detects 4 basic human emotions on photos or video stream.
3D Liveness Feature
3D Liveness protection against photo or video spoofing.

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Explore key features of 3DiVi Face SDK
Why choose 3DiVi Face SDK
World-class Algorithm
Face recognition algorithm developed by 3DiVi is top-ranked according to NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2017.
"Instantaneous" Face Recognition
Up to 50 000 000 comparisons per second on one CPU core. Our Face recognition algorithm matches 2.6 million faces a second!
Real Time Video Processing
Face SDK contains components for real time face tracking and recognition on video streams.
Cross Platform
Support for x86, ARM, ASIC (embedded), Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
Multiple Cameras Support
Webcams, IP, IR, wearable cameras, AR glasses, 3D sensors.
Flexible Pricing
Various licensing options to meet your project ROI requirements.

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Developer Pack
For development stage
from $99/Month
Face Detection
Face Verification
Face Identification
Gender / Age / Emotion
Liveness / Anti-Spoofing
Multithreaded Video Processing (real-time)
Advanced Support

FREE demo/test licenses
(unlimited database / channels / cameras)
100% REBATE on commercial licensing
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Custom License
Tailored to your needs
Face Recognition
Liveness / Anti-Spoofing
Face Analytics
Multithreaded Video Processing (real-time)
Unlimited database
License Types:
Application Specific, Enterprise Specific, Unlimited
Basic / Advanced / Business Support
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Get the latest version of 3DiVi Face SDK including samples for Windows, Linux and Android OS

Case Studies
Explore how 3DiVi Face SDK becomes the basis of biometric technology projects around the world

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