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3DiVi Face Recognition Terminal is a multifunctional Android device with embedded face recognition software (3DiVi Face Machine). The terminal can work as a "pay-by-face" point of sale (POS) terminal or as a terminal for access control or attendance systems.

KEY Features

Face recognition
Face identification (1:N) in real time. Recognition is done inside of the Terminal (offline).
Standalone or network modes
The Terminal can work as part of a network, connected to the central server, or in standalone mode. Checklists can be loaded from the server or directly into the Terminal's memory.
Multi-factor authentication
Various scenarios of multi-factor authentication: "face +NFC smart card", "face + password" or "face + Digital ID".
3D Liveness
Industry leading protection against photo or video spoofing (similar technology is used in Apple iPhone X).
API for developers
Integrators can develop their own solutions based on the software components embedded in the Terminal (3DiVi Face Machine) using the provided API.
Digital ID
Possible integration with popular Digital ID services or "digital passports", which can be a source of user identification data and interact with the user in dialogue mode to control data exchange with the Terminal.


Access Control
3DiVi Face Recognition Terminal can be part of access control systems.The ability to work offline (checklists can be loaded directly into the Terminal's memory) allows you to install the Terminal at any place even with no permanent connection to the Internet.
Check-in Kiosk
3DiVi Face Recognition Terminal can be used as a Self-Service kiosk for registration of visitors, where they can independently, without staff participation, scan the face and enter other data for the registration (name, purpose of visit, etc.).
Payment Terminals (Pay-by-Face), Loyalty Programs
Customers no longer need to carry cash, loyalty cards or an ID card to make purchases or receive services.
Time and Attendance systems
3DiVi Face Recognition Terminal can be used to register the time of arrival/departure of employees.


3DiVi Face Recognition Terminal
    • 3DiVi Face Recognition Android Terminal
    • 3DiVi Face Machine Client with 10,000 faces Search Index Limit
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