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Face Recognition
for OEM

Set of powerful facial recognition algorithms portable to any hardware
Edge processing of streaming video
Face detection, tracking and matching from streaming video in real time.
Open source
Quickly build web, mobile, desktop or server applications with open sourced samples.
Passive and active methods against presentation attacks. 3D, RGB/IR are supported.
Top-ranked in NIST FRVT
Facial recognition algorithm developed by 3DiVi is top-ranked in NIST FRVT.

Embed Face Recognition in Any Hardware
More than 9 years of experience in the development of biometric technologies allow us to offer tools and applications for porting on various low-performance platforms and support various operating systems.
Smartphones and Tablets
Terminals and Kiosks
Smart Cameras
Single-Board Computers


Access Control
Instant face recognition with on-device processing and matching, API to external access control system Different options for facial liveness - 3D, IR dual cam, RGB.
Public Safety
Instant facial recognition for video surveillance systems, checking with watch lists, database search, integration with fingerprint, iris biometrics. Supporting mobile, portable and wearable hardware.
Anonymous audience analytics, loyalty programs and "Pay by Face" for cashierless stores. Body and activity tracking to analyze customer and employee behavior using real-time data from video cameras. Create alerts based on store activity, such as long checkout lines, customer-occupancy limits.
Banks and DeFi
Digital onboarding with passive and active liveness check using web browser or mobile applications. Biometric KYC for banks and DeFi organizations. Remote identification and verification of clients using face and iris. Compatibility with new standards on decentralized digital identity (DID), verifiable claims and new protocols: web3.0, Ethereum (Eth2.0), Hyperledger, Baseline, IPFS.


See the reference partner's devices which were already integrated with 3DiVi face recognition products.
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