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Case Studies

Arsenal 67

Leveraging public security with face recognition

About Arsenal 67

"Arsenal 67" (Smolensk) is the leading company in the sphere of development of hardware and software systems for intellectual video processing. Their systems are usually used to enable public security on the streets of cities.

Key Products:
  • "Phoenix" is a turnkey distributed system capable of automatic real time matching of faces against the search lists.
  • "Strazh" (Guardian) is a hardware and software complex that uses mobile terminals for biometric identification of people.



The company was looking for a face recognition solution that meets the following requirements:
  • offline face recognition on mobile devices
  • realtime face identification from videostream, support IP, WEB and mobile cameras.
  • Instant face recognition from a photo captured by an Android device
Also there was a need for a mobile face recognition solution that can be used by field officers to do quick face identification of suspects on the spot.


"Arsenal 67" has completed testing of 3DiVi face recognition algorithm and, after comparing the results with other vendors, the following advantages of 3DiVi Face SDK have become obvious:
  • high speed of face recognition
  • cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • ready-made components for real-time video processing
  • support of various cameras (WEB, wearable, built-in, IP, IR cameras, RGB and 3D sensors)
  • the ability to work in isolated offline systems
As a result, "Arsenal 67" selected 3DiVi Face SDK and integrated it in their two products.
3DiVi face recognition solutions, from our point of view, are among the best on the market. The quality of technical support and the terms of the Company's Affiliate Program are beyond praise. The combination of these factors helped us promptly develop high-quality products in the field of public safety that have already found their Customers.
Vasilevsky S.V.
General Director of Arsenal 67

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