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Case Studies

HIT Security Border Gate

Automated border control system by High Information Technologies SIA


High Information Technologies SIA is a supplier of security systems in the Baltic States and the
European region. The company provides optimal solutions for business in the field of video surveillance, monitoring and security. High Information Technologies develops future-oriented products that are multifunctional and flexible enough to integrate and adapt to new customer needs. The company also provides consultations and services for the development and integration of video surveillance,
video analytics, access control systems, fire and security alarms.



For the organization of automated border control using digital identity cards, it is necessary to implement a project of a checkpoint with built-in recognition of biometric data that is read from ID cards and biometric passports. The project is aimed at modernizing and expanding the existing border control infrastructure. It provides increased operational efficiency and contactless passport control while ensuring compliance with EU regulatory frameworks.


High Information Technologies SIA has developed the Security Border Gate complex using 3DiVi Face SDK, capable of replacing traditional border control with fully digital processing of passengers. This complex is built based on the HIT VMS software and is designed to use unimpeded movement by reading data from ID cards and biometric passports of passengers, as a result, a quick passage in the border control zone is achieved.
The technical conditions of the complex operation consist of two access levels:
  • Level 1 «gate number 1» – reading personal data from documents (ID card and biometric passport)
  • Level 2 «gate number 2» – face photo, height and fingerprint
If both levels match, a passage is provided.
In case of mismatch of both levels - passage through «gate number 1».


The use of the HIT VMS software with the 3DiVi Face SDK algorithm allowed the development of a scalable system. This will allow the implementation of smart borders in areas where large numbers of people pass, ensuring compliance with EU regulations of biometric data collection when entering and leaving the Schengen area, improving operational efficiency.
Through the high speed of 3DiVi's facial recognition algorithm, we strive to provide reliable and integrated technology solutions to our customers' needs, thus ensuring the processing of heavy traffic without any delay.
Pavel Sysoyev, Security Border Gate Project Manager

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