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Face Recognition
for Real Time Video
and Image Processing
Interested in technical details of designing Face Recognition solution?
Watch the webinar and learn how 3DiVi Face API can be used for developing scalable systems - from a simple mobile app to an enterprise server.


Face recognition plays bigger and bigger role across multiple industries - access control, retail analytics, smart cars, digital identity, robotics. Several trends recently became evident here. First, the quality of face recognition algorithms is quickly becoming a commodity, with introduction of several open source neural networks. Second, the computing industry is moving from the cloud to the EDGE computing model. Third, new solutions emerge, that augment the face recogntion with body (skeletal) and object tracking.

All that creates a demand for the turn-key, cost efficient face and body recognition components, that can be easily integrated into client's application.

In this webinar, Andrew Valik (CTO of 3DiVi Inc.), will present challenges and opportunities of designing high performing face recognition systems with particular emphasis on realtime video processing on the edge.
Andrew Valik
CTO, 3DiVi Inc.
Webinar speaker, Andrew Valik, has more than 8 years experience in software and hardware design. He was involved in more than 50 face recognition projects ranging from embedded in ASIC to national face recognition solution with over 100 million faces in database.

Target Audience

IT specialists (architects, developers, engineers, technical consultants) involved in design and building of face recognition applications. Software and/or system integration background is required.

Topics Covered

  1. Products overview (SDK, Face Machine)
  2. Face SDK functions, languages and supported platforms
  3. Basic face recognition workflow
  4. Turn key components of Face SDK
  5. Face Machine overview
  6. Challenges of real time video processing
  7. Cloud vs. edge processing
  8. Liveness check
  9. Challenges with smart devices (IoT)
  10. Achieving high availability
  11. How to cut development time for corporate solution

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