3DiVi Face SDK/API Blog

Process Video Files with Face Machine

Process your media archives using Face Machine Web GUI or integrate Face Machine with your application via API: detect faces in video files; match faces with the biometric database of up to 1 billion profiles; recognize gender, age, emotions and other face attributes. Get the results in the form of face recognition events log containing timestamps, face tracking duration and other attributes.

 The free cloud trial is limited by video length and file weight. Contact Sales at face@3divi.com to remove the restrictions.

Get instant notifications via webhook!
 Now you can receive instant notifications about face identification events when processing video streams by setting up a webhook, as well as all data about such events needed for implementation of any business logic.

Integrate Face Machine with access control systems or loyalty systems and always be aware when you need to open the lock or when your regular customer has visited you.

In Addition:
  •  Add up to 10 face images to a person profile for better identification;
  • Create a person profile using data from face recognition event if such a profile did not exist before;
  • Get the candidate lists from the database for person profiles and face recognition events to automatically find the similar faces in an existing database.