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3DiVi Face SDK v3.6.0 is released

We are glad to announce the new version of 3DiVi Face SDK!

Face SDK v3.6.0

What’s new?

Added Python API
Python API support is now generally available in Face SDK and is ready to store your runtime data and keep it available across various web-applications, enabling in-app flexible resource management, easier approach to save persistent states and more.
Find new code examples revealing new added functionality inside!
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GPU support on Windows
3DiVi Face SDK 3.6.0 now supports GPU hardware acceleration to enhance apps with specific performance requirements for high-end use cases on MS Windows x86 (64-bit).
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New REFA Face Detector module
Now Face SDK is enriched with new expert “REFA” Face Detector module, which, with higher computing performance demand, provides the highest quality of face detection and tracking.
We recommend REFA for most powerful systems and expert apps with increased severity.
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Video recognition demo app for Telpo(R) Face Recognition devices
The demo demonstrates face detection, Liveness-check execution and face recognition using 3DiVi Face SDK on Android on Telpo TPS980 terminals with 3D depth-sensing or dual-lens (RGB+IR) cameras.
Try the demo on your Android device with just a few clicks!
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Added AVX2 instructions support
The support for AVX2 (Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions) instruction set for Linux x86 64-bit is now added to speed up the biometric template creation with Face SDK using 9.x identification methods (up to 2x times and more).
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New Liveness Detector module
With numerous requests from Partners and customers, 3DiVi has released the separate Liveness Detector module within Face SDK, now enabling to perform passive Liveness checks with standard RGB cameras.
Expect achieving True Accept Rate (TAR) of 99% with False Accept Rate (FAR) at 1E-2 or even lower.
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