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3DiVi Face SDK v3.8.0 is released

We are glad to announce the new version of 3DiVi Face SDK!

Face SDK v3.8.0

What’s new?

"Mask-on-face" Detector Face SDK technology can identify individuals who are not wearing a mask, where it is a requirement.
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Unity plugin for Face Animation The FaceMask Unity sample displays different masks on a face created with a 3D mesh of a face. In this sample, 4 standard face masks and one dynamic mask are available, in which images are selected depending on your emotions.
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What else?

GPU acceleration is enabled on Jetson (JetPack 4.3/4.4)
3DiVi Face SDK 3.8.0 now supports GPU hardware acceleration to meet specific performance requirements on Jetson modules.
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Added GPU support for detectors
The GPU acceleration is available for the detectors - BLF, REFA, ULD.

Added GPU support on Android for Liveness2DEstimator
The GPU acceleration is available for the Liveness2DEstimator module on Android.

Added a new version of RGB Passive Liveness module
Added significantly improved version of the current Liveness2DEstimator module, achieving up to 25 times better performance on Single-Core CPU.