3DiVi Face SDK/API Blog

3DiVi Face SDK v3.11.0 is released

We are glad to announce the new version of 3DiVi Face SDK!

Face SDK v3.8.0

What’s new?

Added SWIFT Support for iOS
You can now develop applications with 3DiVi Face SDK using Swift language. Start development using an example of the XCode project!

Added new identification algorithms
Introducing improved identification algorithms with up to 99.5% face recognition accuracy.

Added tutorial “Face Detection using a webcam” for .Net
Learn how to integrate 3DiVi Face SDK into your .Net application and start detection of faces in our step by step tutorial.

Bug Fixes and Improvements?

  • Fixed support of grayscale images for 2D Liveness
  • Fixed compilation error for iOS
  • Fixed Access Violation error in java