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User Guide

3D Face Recognition for Telegram Passport Demo Installation and Use Guide
To use the demo you should install the VideoMOD component on a PC running the Windows OS.


Push the Get Free Demo button and download the VideoMOD component
Run the downloaded executable file and follow the instructions of the installer


Make sure that the device running VideoMOD has access to the Internet.
Make sure the camera is connected to the device and it is working properly.
Click on the Log In with Telegram button located at the link provided. Please note
that the button should be pressed from a device on which the Telegram application is already installed. If the application is not installed on the device, you will be prompted to download it and install.
After pressing the button in the opened Telegram application window, enter the
password that protects your Telegram data. If you have not created a Telegram-account, you will be asked to create it. If you do not have a password to protect
Telegram data, you will be asked to create it. After creating an account and / or
password, you will need to follow the link with the Log In with Telegram button and click on it again.
After entering the password in the Telegram application window, you will be asked
to share Telegram Passport data. To do this, click the "Log in" button at the bottom
of the application window. If you have not created Telegram Passport, you will be
asked to create it. After creating the Telegram Passport, you will need to follow the
link with the Log In with Telegram button and click on it again.
Please, note: in the current version the solution uses selfies from the Telegram Passport data set for face recognition. So make sure your selfie is added to Telegram Passport and it's correct.
After sending the Telegram Passport data, 3DiVi Face Bot will appear in the list of
your Telegram contacts. Using the bot, you can receive alerts from the system and manage your data in the system.
Run the VideoMOD application on your PC and look at the camera. Recognition will occur when Telegram Passport data is correctly transmitted to the system and when the camera is working correctly.
3DiVi Face Bot will send you a request to confirm that you have passed the
recognition procedure. If the answer is positive, recognition will be confirmed. When you confirm the fact of recognition, a page with the results of recognition will be displayed in your browser by default.
To remove your Telegram Passport data from the system, send the /remove
command to the bot.
To show a list of other commands send bot /help command.
Please, note: Errors may occur if your device with running VideoMOD is connected to the
Internet via proxy. Check the connection settings and make sure that the device does not
use proxy to connect to the Internet. In case of any problems or any questions, please
contact us by e-mail: or by the form below.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use a webcam for the solution to work correctly?
Yes, webcam or any other camera connected to the device can be used to work the solution. However, the 3D recognition feature will only work in the presence of 3D sensor, for example, the built-in Android computer TVico.
VideoMOD starts but nothing happens
Check your internet connection. When your device connected to the Internet via a proxy, VideoMOD will not be able to contact the remote server and get to work.
When I start VideoMOD, the window for displaying video from the camera opens, but nothing is displayed.
Check the camera connection to the device and its correct operation.
I constantly receive notifications about recognition via Telegram. How to disable it?
In the current version of the product, recognition notices cannot be disabled. In future versions, it is planned to implement this option.
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